KarenCrowd, is the first official agent for investment & financing under support and supervision of Scientific & Technology Assistant of president. It has been established for facilitating the capital absorption process for all start-ups in any fields. In addition, this system has obtained the public financing license based upon partnership from ultra-stock exchange.

In order to facilitate any relationship between start-ups and rea/ legal investors, KarenCrowd provides required facilities for start-ups to enroll in system and complete any steps of evaluation. Upon approving, they would be connected to the group of investment in Karen system. There are lots of occasions for investment in this system. Furthermore, KarenCrowd is able to cooperate with investors with co-investment on start-ups.

Some of the other services of KarenCrowd are specific consultations in legal, financial, trade and networking fields, consulting / educational services such as holding of educational workshops (Webinar, Mentors day) and so on.

Holding of different accidents in the fields of investment and networking such as: Investment Coffee, Demo Day, I-MEET, INVESTMENT SUMMIT and …. Are the other services of this system.

KarenCrowd evaluates and considers all businesses as carefully as possible and enforce the process of investment by holding of on-line & face-to-face opportunities in the field of investment.