1-      Introduction

This Letter of Agreement determines mutual rules and necessities between you and KarenCrowd at the time of membership and benefiting from our services. Some of the rules are applied for all members of KarenCrowd, while the others will be applied just when you are present in system as an entrepreneur, an investor and /or a mentor. Please read these requirements as carefully as possible. We recommend you to keep a printed and/or electronic version of which for your next references.

2-      Any relation with other Letters of Agreement

All these Letters of Agreement and others which are related to your benefits from this website have been written in parallel with each other and should be red and interpreted on public basis. All the mentioned Letters of Agreement more than specifying technical conditions of website uses, may determine governing rules on your relations with KarenCrowd.

3-      Changing or modifying of Letter of Agreement

It is possible to apply various changes and modify this Letter of Agreement because of legal purposes. In such case, we will put the new version of which on website and inform you about final changes through a news-letter. Then upon your usage of the site services, we will assume that you agree with the content. Meanwhile you are respecting all mentioned legal items in previous Letter of Agreement. In case of any discrepancies or differences between the old & new versions, the new one is prior except otherwise has been mentioned in our website.

4-      Membership in website

All people who are ready to enter and benefit from the services are entitled to be a member of KarenCrowd. These people should register their name knowingly and confirm that their information is completely correct and valid. People may be a member of KarenCrowd just for one time. Then it is better not to create another user account or another email or different information. All project owners and suppliers (investors) should be over 18 years old.

5-      Behavioral rules of members

As a requirement to use our website, you are obliged not to use this site for those cases which have been prohibited according to the site principles and governing law. This website and all its services are only for your personal use. You are responsible against any activities related to the services of this website. Also please consider the following conditions:

·         You accept not to put any porn or rough comments which includes any unacceptable functions

·         You accept not to put any comments in contrast with copyrights, spiritual ownership and /or trade -marks.

·         You accept not to put any comments with further damages to credit of third parties and/or KarenCrowd.

·         You accept not to put any comments in contrast with reality and/or infringe items.

·         You accept not to use the site with incorrect / illegal methods including threatening, damaging and/or private information without prior consent of considered person and/or putting any comments in contrast with personal feelings and talents.

·         You accept not to put any invalid comments and/or unauthorized advertisement or chain illegal information.

·         You accept not to produce, design and create any virus, interfere software or other damaging codes for bothering or damaging to software, hardware and access information of KarenCrowd or other third parties.

·         You accept not to infringe the entity of any party or groups including the employees and/or agents of KarenCrowd.

·         You accept not to ignore and breach any information and/or safety steps which are included in spiritual ownership rights and /or reproduction limitations.

6-      Page creation process for an idea or a business

In order to benefit from KarenCrowd’s services, it is necessary o select the role of entrepreneur after enrollment in the site and fill all your information in relevant settings of general profile. After that, you should enter your plan information which would be changed into a page in site finally. In addition, about %10 of required amount should be supplied by the project owner in any public financing model.

7-      End of membership

KarenCrowd is free to make an end to your membership for any reasons. Generally, if we find any information which illustrates you have no more required standards for membership in KarenCrowd, your membership will be postponed. On the other hand, if you make a project which is still active even in your termination or postponed membership term, it would be assumed as an ended one.

8-      Platform quality standards

You may guarantee through this Letter of Agreement that all your content in KarenCrowd Site have the following standards:

·         It includes required information

·         It would be presented in a special form and criteria

·         It does not include any incorrect comments

·         It does not include any confidential information.

·         It includes clear and exact information.

·         It provides a complete and exact viewpoint of company.

·         It provides a complete and exact viewpoint of company’s profits and capital increase.

·         It provides a complete and exact viewpoint of educators, investors and team members.

·         Major page of company and project should be always updated in KarenCrowd.

·         Both founders and team members should have complete profiles.

·         It bears correct grammar, finalization and interpretation.

9-      Spiritual ownership rights

All spiritual ownership rights of website belong to KarenCrowd. KarenCrowd is the owner of any content, graphic items, logos, icons, audio/video clips and any other information. It means that any share of which is possible just by mentioning the resource.

10-  Investment

Upon your entrance into the website, you are entitled to visit different businesses for which you have confirmed your readiness for investment. At first, you will be notified about a summary of relevant information. Then you may click on more information to receive it about the business. All these projects have been created by those entrepreneurs who are also members of KarenCrowd. Any investment through KarenCrowd is as follows: No capitals will be transferred to investing company up to reaching of the project to its target. Of course, we should state that no more cancellation of investment is possible after transfer of the amount. We review all available projects in platform according to the Iranian rules and regulations but due to the weakness of current infrastructures for approving the documents, we are not responsible against any incorrect presentation and/or submission of non-enough and infringed notes and documentation. If KarenCrowd approve a project, this does not mean that it may guarantee any further investment on it. Upon review of project and fining the manner of agreement with investment company, you may decide to invest according to the relevant information in public financing call up. At first you should decide about the considered amount. Next step is to pay your considered amount through specified banking gateway. You may invest on your interested business for many times. For this purpose, you should repeat the above-mentioned process along with signing a new Letter of Agreement accordingly.


11-  General conditions of investment

·         This is your own decision for any amounts to invest.

·         Upon the internal rules you are responsible against the invested amount.

·         Please note that KarenCrowd is not an intermediate and could not consult with you about investing issues.

·         It is impossible to use KarenCrowd for market services.

·         You are exclusively responsible for any relation with us and therefore you are responsible for any delay or failure in this regard.

·         KarenCrowd is unable to support any fields of business in public investment process. For instance, we may state those companies who may propose to invest on gun, military equipment, tobacco, cigarette and so on. Also, we cannot support any companies with similar fields of public investment.

·         KarenCrowd does not guarantee at any time any completion and increase of capital value and income of a business.

12-  Tax

All users should pay the taxes independently and in compliance with State’s Tax rules and regulations. In addition, you may face with special tax rules in the relevant investment case. As a result, it is your own responsibility to accept tax affairs and filling all required information in relevant scope.

13-  Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs may simultaneously create their own project and invest on their other interested fields. But it is necessary to note that considered rules and regulations are separately applied for you as well. This is necessary to mention that any benefit from investment services is free of charge for entrepreneurs in KarenCrowd. It is equal to %5 of total amount if project is successful.

In case of any question about the considered services and /or any proposal please contact us through the following website: