KarenCrowd endeavors to apply required standards in order to reduce relevant risks by submission of business ideas and details. But there are always some challenges at upper steps and when a business needs to receive required capital. It is obvious that investment at preliminary steps in new-established businesses could be so much useful and valuable. But it has some risks after wards, therefore, all investors are obliged to ready Risk Warning Text of KarenCrowd prior to any investment. Then they should acknowledge the same on digital basis in system. In addition, they should sign the original Risk Warning Text at most within 30 days after the first investment and send it for KarenCrowd accordingly.

If you want to invest through KarenCrowd, you have to pay attention to all following warning points:

1-      Losing the invest

A great part of today trade world may failed at beginning phase of business. If you want to invest through our website, please note it is so much risky and there are so much probabilities for losing your capital. This aspect is so more powerful to find capital return and/or further probable profit. For this purpose, please invest with complete consideration of all aspects and any further disadvantages.

2-      Exchange the capital into cash

This is necessary to mention that any investment in KarenCrowd may face with cash risks. This means that there should be a buyer in “Secondary Market of Public Financing” who may be interested in your participation and/or your invested plan could enter in to Stock Exchange and/or its shares could be purchased by a third party. Otherwise, you should wait for effectiveness of plan for further dividend.

3-      Equally Percentage reduction of shares in case of shares-based investment

In relevant model of investment in companies through shares, each investment through KarenCrowd is subject to the relevant “Equal Percentage Reduction” law. It means, in case of any later capital increase, new shares will be issued for stockholders along with a reduction in your shares’ percentage in investing company. Such new shares are in themselves subject to priority rights for dividing of profits and other cases. Sometimes respecting these laws would cause losses for you. This is necessary to mention that in case of any reduction in shares percentage, KarenCrowd is obliged to inform all other suppliers of the plan accordingly.

4-      Variety in investment basket

Any investment in new-established businesses should be considered as a part of various investment basket. This means that you should invest little capital in various businesses and not to invest a great amount on one or two great companies. Also it is better just to invest a little par of your assets on new-established companies and most of which on safer markets with quicker way to cash it as well.

5-      Lack of required information for supervision and evaluation of companies

Perhaps the investors may not find complete information about their needs in one company and specified due time. Even it is possible for an investor not to be informed about detailed changes of investment in a company. Therefore, because of the mentioned problems and other uncertainties, investors may be not informed about real value of a company at present.

6-      Lack of control & supervision

Since the founders and managers are the major shareholders of company, they could interfere in relevant procedures and trade relations and somehow may cause a distance between stated comments and the reality. Therefore, it is necessary to mention that KarenCrowd site has not control and supervision in this process anymore.

7-      There is no right for changing your idea for invest

In case of starting the process of investing by an investor, there is no right for changing his/her idea.

In case of any question, proposal and/or criticism about the “Risk Warning” Letter of Agreement, please feel free to contact us by info@KarenCrowd.com.