What is Crowdfunding?

It means a method of investment in which the investors become the owner of a part of business against deposited amount in stock or revenue. Investment by capital method is really different from award method. Because in such a situation all supports may receive just a gift and/or a product against their financial assists without any further ownership. But today in most countries, only those investors are able to invest in this field who have received the title of “Approved” investor issued by legal & official authorities. All investors, in Karen Crowd. should complete their profile in this field in order to be added to all other investors. This is necessary to mention that income rate and annual assets are the most usual indexes for recognition an investor.

How KarenCrowd may assist the entrepreneurship ecosystem?

Karen Crowd is following up the highest scientific and legal standards regarding the investors, start-ups and mentors. Because we want to enable all businesses which have found required capitals through Karen Crowd, to be successful in other steps as well. For a start-up being successful in other steps means to enter in higher steps and attract great investors and even banks for investment and easy entrance into Stock Exchange Market. We are always trying to coordinate our own standards with other investment ecosystem arts. This includes determining of hard criteria for keeping the interests of investors and entrepreneurs and ensuring about legal aspects as well as possible. Please read carefully the content of “Using Requirements” of Letter of Agreement at the end of this page. This Letter of Agreement includes a summary of investment steps and key words in the way of Fundraising.

How is it possible for me to start?

You should firstly enroll in site and determine your role in system. In next step, you may refer to guidance part for selection of your way and benefiting from educational content of KarenCrowd.

What is the need of businesses to Fundraising?

When a start-up establishes a company, usually he/she needs some financial resources for changing his/her idea into money. Therefore, with mentioned financial capital and according to the type of business, it is possible to manufacture a product and purchase required tools and pay the costs of location and/or employ required human resources and pay required marketing costs and so many other cases.

How we may maximize the benefit rate of experiences of mentors in KarenCrowd?

Upon making a relation between you and a mentor by KarenCrowd, and both parties agree to continue the way, then you should try for enrichment of your relation. One of the best methods is sending a message in order to make a relation with your mentor at various time intervals. Mentors are so much interested in witnessing your progress through the time. In that way, you may send them a message once per month and inform them about the progress of project. Even you may ask new questions in order to be ensured about that relationship. But keep in mind that all your messages should be short and summarized and do not ask lots of points in your orders.

Who is the mentor in KarenCrowd?

Mentor means a person who may lead those people with little experiences. Such a transfer of experience is possible through confidence and positive behaviors. An effective mentor knows that mentee should be able to rely on him/her. Therefore, mentor should be harmonized with subject and pay attention to all needs of mentee.

We believe that mentor is a person who has more experiences in business and/or life and may assist the small businesses of mentee in a way to blossom all its talents and facilities and help him/her to pass any challenges. A mentor may provide great help to start-up for finding the best way and strategy. He/she may develop the network of specialist and lead him/her in the best way. KarenCrowd will provide required fields for mentors in order to fill the profile and became a member of the site. Mentors will share their experiences with members of KarenCrowd and upon approving the quality, they may give their ideas about relevant projects. KarenCrowd will make some differences between the sent comments by mentors and other members by various markers in order to enable start-up recognize which comment is sent by a mentor and which one by other members.

Is it necessary for me to be a part of investing group and/or invest by myself?

No. You should not be a part of investing group. Public investing fields make it possible to invite personal investors more than before. But if the investor is a real entity, he/she could not supply more than %5 of total required amount for the project.

Is it better for users (Investors) to invest their capital only for a specific business and/or various ones?

We think that the best type of investing is dividing which into small amounts and allocating the capital for different businesses. This is because of low probability of capital return from start-ups at primary steps. The greatest volume of capital return is resulted from small number of start-ups which may lead to their growth and success. Accordingly, any investors with investment on great number of small businesses hope to be successful in some of them in order to compensate any losses in others.

Does Karen Crowd insure my investment?

Although we may evaluate all current projects in site, but this is necessary to mention that all available information in site is prepared by the same businesses themselves. Therefore, due to some complexities in approving the correctness of information, KarenCrowd has no more responsibilities and/or liabilities against any discrepancies of information. Regarding the introduction part of start-up and their ensuring comments we should say that nature of start-ups is formed in a way to have great ideals with more probable obtaining goals. KarenCrowd is unable to specify the mentioned probabilities even with any evaluations. Then upon approving the plan, this does not mean that any investment on start-up is ensured and free from any risks. Therefore, investor is responsible by itself against his/her decision for investment. Please take care that KarenCrowd is unable to approve / reject any information out of the inserted information and evidences in content of project. It is also true about the comments of mentors and investors and should not be considered as a base of decision making.

How may I cancel my investment?

There is not any cancellation of investment in CrowdFunding.

What is the investing process in KarenCrowd?

Upon deciding for investing in a business through KarenCrowd, you will be furnished with all required notes and documents for following up the concerned investment (after the success of project) in the form of a Letter of Agreement of investor. The investment basket shows the history of your investments. Upon evaluation the cases, you will pay the considered capital through on-line methods. In return, on-line partnership notes will be issued for you. This is necessary to mention that all periodic reports of each project are available in system along with exact information if necessary. At the end of due time for successful projects, all collected amounts will be transferred to the account of start-up and the founder of project based upon specific time tables.

How may I start as an investor?

After entering into the platforms an investor, you may find a list of projects which are ready for investment. If you need more information, you may click on summary of each project in order to find more information as well. With more information and details about the projects, you will make better decision whether to invest or not.

What is the evaluation process in start-ups of KarenCrowd?

If we assume that you could find your required capital through KarenCrowd, prior to finalizing any documents for transfer of capital to you, we should evaluate your company at a special level. This does not mean that we want to judge your correct investments because the investors have made the same in prior, but it is for ensuring about correct establishment of your company and bearing required and major properties for capital receive. We will send you a list of required documents for further evaluation and also consider the received notes from your side and may follow up other steps of evaluation. Even it is possible to discuss the case with you and perform some other steps of evaluation. If your meet our requirements, there will not be a long-term procedure.

Is KarenCrowd useful just for businesses with advanced technology and/or quick progress?

KarenCrowd has been designed with complete reflection and servicing attitude to all small and average businesses at any points throughout the country. Although we say welcome to various businesses for further presentation in platform and making a project, but it is necessary to say that those companies with great powerful technologies, may find more success in finding their required investors and financial resources.

How we may prevent from any rubbery of idea by probable investors?

It is rarely possible to find anybody who may steal your idea. Investors are intending to invest not to perform a project and/or manage a company. Furthermore, it is just you and your team who may perform the plan exactly the same as what is in your mind. Please consider that in case a person decides to use your idea, while it is writing the plan and provide required team members and necessities up to executive step, you will make great progress in this regard. But you are still worry. A great part of project profile is on optional basis in KarenCrowd. Then you may not include any sensitive information about your business and are not required for project registration and then leave it blank.

How to make a good financial support campaign?

Firstly, make your investment program. You should focus on this question that “Why any investment on your project is the best way of interest for investor?” Benefit from available educations and information on KarenCrowd Sit for finalizing your plan and its coordination with the most successful and current projects. Introduce your own project to the whole world. You should benefit from your own power, network and knowledge in virtual space in order to transmit your name to the whole world. If your project is enough understandable and easy to share, then investment purposes will be easily obtained in return. Follow up your investment absorbing process. Your investors & you are able to witness your project progress through KarenCrowd. You may inform all investors about the progress process plus latest situation and execution process in your own project page. Make a data base about all investors and inform them about the affairs by KarenCrowd. Receive valuable feedbacks. KarenCrowd makes it possible to receive on-time feedbacks through your project page, through which you may also make any contacts with investors and mentors as well. Even you may answer to their questions and make them more familiar with your project. Also please upload a demonstrate video about your plan and star-up project for better presentation.