There are some rules and regulations related to privacy and any agreement between “You” as the use and “KarenCrowd” as the owner of this website.

1-      Application of this agreement

This Letter of Agreement points out to governing rules and regulations on our access rate and benefiting from your private information which will be binding to be respected by KarenCrowd upon your first entrance into the website. If you prefer not to make any activities in the scope of this Letter of Agreement, please stop this website right now.

2-      Any relationship with other Letters of Agreement

Rather than relevant rules and regulations about private limits, our other letters of agreement in this website would be applied for your and other users including “Requirements of benefiting from services” and “Risk Warning”. At the time of benefiting from website, you may face with some other letters of agreement to which you may approve the content and/or propose to change /modify the content accordingly. Any benefits from KarenCrowd, needs your acceptance of all letters of agreement and respecting the governing rules and regulations and platform of KarenCrowd.

3-      Collection of your private information

You may be asked to enter special information such as personal specifications, details of contact number, relevant information about your business, your bank accounts and/or academic records and C.V. at the time of benefiting this website. This platform may confirm and complete your information through a third party (either real or legal). “Personal Information” means all mentioned information which is collected either by you yourself and/or through other resources.

Following are major goals of KarenCrowd for processing / reserving of your private information:

·         Evaluation of the claims by entrepreneurs in normal and requested conditions of capital

·         Approving your personal identity in order to create an investor or start-up or mentor account

·         Applying of required controls for prevention from money laundering (evaluation any transfer of money through KarenCrowd)

·         Processing of made payments related to the services of KarenCrowd

·         Supervision, betterment and management of website information and presented services

·         Performing various researches and general analysis

·         Submission of information about a specific product and/or service

·         Making relationship with customers and ensuring about their satisfaction and other customers and assisting the KarenCrowd for submission of required information

4-      Lack of disclosure of your private information

All your private information which has been collected by KarenCrowd and /or our colleagues will remain confidential without any further disclosure for third parties except in following cases:

·         KarenCrowd is able to share some of the information with suppliers of different services in KarenCrowd just with applying of required cautions. Also. it may inform the suppliers about confidentiality of information.

·         KarenCrowd is able to share some parts of your information with competent legal authorities according to the legal or judicial rules and regulations.

·         Sometimes KarenCrowd may share a part of your private information with others of course with a prior notice.

5-      Any changes in ownership & control

KarenCrowd is free to develop its commercial activity and/or limited it and/or sale it through the time. This is assumed as transfer of ownership and trade. Meanwhile all your private information will be transferred to the new company with a new owner.

6-      Safety of personal information of users

KarenCrowd intends to make reasonable functions for maintenance and safety of your private information. By the way, it is impossible to provide complete safety of your information. Therefore, in case of any negligence not attributable to KarenCrowd, you yourself is responsible against any disclosure of private information.

KarenCrowd may prefer to have access to your information in other sites such as Linkedin and this possible just if you authorize KarenCrowd to do so. In addition, we may transfer your account from other sites such as Linkedin to KarenCrowd site in return.

7-      Benefiting from Cookies & Log files

Cookies are small files with long-term resistance period in computer memory. They are accessible just for those websites which have created them. We, as a service provider, could benefit from current cookies in computer of our users. KarenCrowd may have further access to some of the above-mentioned cookies. Also, we may collect various information such as operating system, IP Address and type of browser all for increasing the quality of services in platform.

You could manage cookies in your browser by activate or inactivating them. Usually, the default of this option permits the installation of these cookies and some times they would be informed in relevant notices. This is necessary to mention that you may delete all installed cookies on your computer right now. For more information you may use HELP option in your browser menu. By the way, the important point is that any inactivating or deleting of cookies may remove your access to complete facilities and services of the website.

8-      Any relationship between the user & KarenCrowd

Perhaps KarenCrowd has exact supervision on communication ways of users and KarenCrowd (including all telephone calls or other electronic relations) and/or record them accordingly. Some of the reasons for this purpose are upgrading the quality of services, training of personnel and safety issues. In case of any relationship through email, you should consider that it may be revised through internet lines because none of the emails would be coded. Furthermore, since the identity of sender could not be approved separately by KarenCrowd, you should never share your private information, safety and banking data in this way even with KarenCrowd.

9-      Any changes in personal information

Upon approving the registered information in project page, it is not editable anymore. If your see some of the information of your plan is not updated and correct in website of KarenCrowd, you may specify the changes through the notes and reports.

10-  Applying of any modifications and changes

It is possible to have some changes and/or modifications in this website through your benefiting term from KarenCrowd. You will be notified about all these changes through news- letters. After applying of required changes, a new version will be updated on website and your benefiting from which means you have accepted all mentioned changes and modifications. Also, it means that previous rules and agreements have no more differences with new modifications and agreements. It is also true for you. In case of any interferences, new rules and regulations have priority than previous ones.

11-  Appointed or governing rule

The mentioned rules and regulations are governed by the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran and would be interpreted accordingly. The Iranian rules of privacy information are also governing on this collection. If you want to raise any legal claims against KarenCrowd and vice versa, it should be settled according to the Iranian rules and with Iranian courts as well.

12-  Money transfer rules in public financing based upon a partnership model

According to the relevant instructions for public financing based upon partnership model, all entrance/exit of monies should be made through domestic /valid payment networks. Any payment of collected monies to applicant should be inclusively through appointed bank account of him/her. Both plans will have specific detailed account. Time tabling and different steps of payment of collected amounts to applicant will be based upon notified trade plan and supplying call up.